Review Policy & Ratings

I'm currently closed for review requests at the moment while I work on my backlog.
I read mainly using a kindle, so please could you ensure a kindle edition (.mobi file) is available, or alternatively a paperback/print copy, before submitting a request. Thank you.

I'm happy to consider review requests in the following genres and their sub-categories:

📕 Psychological Thriller
📘 Action & Adventure
📕 Crime & Mystery
📘 Women's Fiction
📕 Thriller
📘 Horror

I've always been a big fan of Horror and more recently Psychological Thrillers. Requests in these two categories are particularly welcome.   

I don't accept Young Adult books unless from authors I've previously reviewed. Please also note that I have no interest in Erotica, Historical Romance, Chick Lit or Poetry.

In addition to Barnsey's Books, my reviews are published on:

📕 Barnes & Noble
📘 Waterstones
📕 Bookbridgr
📘 Goodreads
📕 Amazon
📘 Twitter 

I publish privately to my timeline and in various book groups on Facebook. I save public 'pins' of all the books I've reviewed on Pinterest. These link back to my blog.      

I'm happy to consider requests from publishers, publicists and authors (including self-published authors) and give permission for excerpts from my reviews to be used in any promotional material - just ensure credit is given to 'Barnsey's Books'.

I don't share books with any third parties and I won't reveal plot twists. All reviews are my own opinion and given freely without payment.

Because reading and reviewing is my passion rather than an occupation, I'm unable to guarantee review dates unless specified for my consideration at the time of request.

Acceptance doesn't always guarantee a review. There may be occasions when it's impossible to finish a book I haven't 'connected' with. Should this be the case, a brief paragraph will be published on Goodreads but a star rating wont be given. My comments will always be respectful towards the author.    

If I haven't replied within a week, please assume I'm unable to offer a review. Unfortunately time constraints dictate that I'm unable to accept every book offered to me. Please accept my apologies.
I use a simple and succinct ratings scale:

Amazing      💗💗💗💗💗
Enjoyable   💗💗💗💗
Good           💗💗💗
Okay           💗💗
   Disliked      💗   

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